The Urban Studio

The Urban Studio

Welcome to my Studio.  Its a place full of fun, ideas, dreams and information, but mostly creativity.

It's My Happy Place!

These are my kids with fur
Lizzy Chane' & Josie Nicole

They spend their days with me in the Studio, where there are many hugs to be had. And on breaks there is lots of playing catch, chasing the Frisbee, and some practicing our obedience training. They make my happy place even happier. :)  

The Urban Studio

On this blog,there will be lots of talk about crafting, handmade, products, and what's going on at the Rusty Chandelier, where I happen to have a booth (The Urban Studio) so lets get busy and have some fun. I hope you enjoy!

If you visit the Rusty chances are you'll meet Cindy Smith, she is almost always busy behind the front counter. Looks like someone is having her hold some old water cans while they continue to shop.

Everyone wants to hide when they see the camera.
Wonder who that could be, anyone recognize her?

Here is a booth all ready for spring and the holiday.

Ready for last Sunday's Bridal Fair
at the Rusty.

of my new items added to
The Urban Studio

If you haven't been to the Rusty Chandelier
it is definitely worth your time to go see what
in the world is going on.

Spring Is In The Air At The Rusty!
Now Go Have Fun.

She Works Proverbs Sewing Printable with Timeline photo PlumberryGraphics, $5.00:
Craftsy Class Flanged Sham from

If you haven't heard of Craftsy you are missing out.  Its a website that has all kinds of classes, blogs, free patterns, projects.  I have taken several classes and they have all been wonderful.  You can go to that class any time you want, stop, start whenever its convenient for you. The cost of the classes are very reasonable.  Craftsy runs several sales.  As a matter of fact all classes are under $20, today being the last day of this sale.  I thought I would give you some idea of what classes they have to offer.  If you are interested today would be the day to check them out.
Classes from beginners to intermediate to advanced
*Cake Baking
*Jewelry Making
*Paper Craft

Giraffe sewing pattern (affiliate link). Super cute stuffed animal sewing pattern:

You can duplicate just about any word or script writing with this method. What words will YOU be writing in wire this weekend?:

Relax and Take Some Time For Yourself With 8 New Craftsy Classes:

Collage of nine samples of easy card making ideas:

Cake by Cake Ink | Craftsy | Erin Gardner:

Continuing Brioche in the round, Visual Steps:

Let your hand embroidery speak for you! Learn how to stitch letters in four decorative ways.:

I can cook confidently ... but when I recently took a Craftsy cooking course, I was surprised to learn a LOT.:

Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself for $92 worth of craft supplies?!:

Now Go Have Some Fun!!

Personal & Creative
Last Minute Gift Idea

Cozy Slippers Gift Basket | DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas | Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas for Friends:

Cozy Slippers Gift Basket | DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas | Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas for Friends:

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy craft supplies  and that's pretty close.:

Don't Forget to Stop by the Rusty Chandelier

for your one of a kind Christmas Gifts.

I-29 & 71 Hwy.  Ext. 53

While your there make sure you visit my booth The Urban Studio

Lots of really unique Christmas & Gift ideas.

Creative Inspirations Linky Party:
Now Go Have Some Fun!

Why-You-Should-Craft-Your-Heart-Out Free Printable Poster from Craft Snob:

Tea Bag Christmas Tree - I Choose Me Learn how easy it is to make a Tree Bag Christmas Tree for the tea lover on your list. Download your Creativity Card and create your own giftable tree.:
Last Minute Christmas Gift

I thought this was such a cute idea and one that could be done so easily.  If you go to this website it will tell you what you need and how to.

Creative Inspirations Linky Party:

I would love for you to visit my booth at the Rusty Chandelier.  What a great place to find some very unique Christmas gifts. If you haven't been to the Rusty there are two floors of vendors with all kinds of great stuff.  You never know what you might find. 

The Urban Studio

The Rusty Chandelier
I-29 & 71 Hwy. Exit 53

Darkroom Door: Altered Wood Blocks. Mixed Media.:

Now Go Have Some Fun!


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