Pinterest Party!

 A Pastel Pool Party With Bicyclette Boutique |
Pinterest Party!!!

We have the Pinterest Party on hold, but here are some of the projects WE have done in the past. 

August Project  :


July Project
4th of July Crafts - DIY Fabric Flag:

June Project
Painting Class
Taught by Carla Keith

Oodles of Doodles

May Project
BYOP=Bring Your Own Project

love the butterfly:
Bring a project your working on, or one
that you would like to start.

April Project
Decorative Bottles

Decorative bottle with vintage french accents Going to do this with my bottles for Christmas:

March Project
BYOP=Bring Your Own Project
love the butterfly:

Bring a project your working on, or one that you would
like to start.

Paper heart garland made from patterned paper with Glue Dots and buttons! Super easy to make with the kids!:
Heart Garland
February Project

DIY Wooden Snowman Tutorial:
January Project

December Project
Christmas tree first christmas:

Felt Ornament

November Project
vintage spoon ornament:
Spoon Ornaments

October Project

Paper crafting with scrapbook paper.
Paper Pumpkins

September Project
Anthro Inspired Mugs | Home Heart Craft  Sharpie designed mugs are all over Pintrest and these are some of the sweetest I’ve seen. So perfect to add some colour to your life! I’m not so sure about decorating so close to the rim… I’m not sure how it would go with chipping (you don’t want baked Sharpie ink in your mouth!)
Sharpie Mugs

August Project

Pom-pom tutorial using 2 fingers to wrap yarn around. Produces a pom-pom approx 5cm using DK.

July Project
BYOP=Bring Your Own Project

Celebrate Today with Balloons by darhm - Cards and Paper Crafts at Splitcoaststampers
Because of the July 4th holiday.. WE will be doing our bring a project you want to work on, or one you would like to start. Can't wait to see all the cool projects!! 


burlap and lace garland-would be so pretty on a christmas tree! (even wrapped on a string of lights!!!!!!!!)
We are going to add some dragonflies.
   Dragonflies using maple seeds and twigs ~ Beautiful  and you should see the flowers her kids did too


Coffee Filter Flowers

quotes for craft - Google Search Linda Bauwin Your CARD-iologist Helping you create cards from the heart
BYOP... Bring Your Own Project 


DIY tulle wreathe... I could do this!
Tulle Wreath
Here are some ideas... you get creative!

The Gracynn Wreath - Vintage Style Shabby Chic Tutu Tulle Wreath- Pink and Neutrals with varied pearl accents -lace- feathers on Etsy, $87.00

So easy and beautiful.  From

I like the tulle in variegated colors but would add some delicate butterflies and bling instead for other events.

Use green yarn to create this lovely grassy #wreath. What a fun #craft #tutorial for spring!
For more information, please go to the Get Together Saturday page.  
Here are some more of our past projects

I have boxes of travel souvenir/stuff that I have been meaning to make scrapbooks with for years! This seems like a way easier/low effort alternative that won't collect dust on a bookshelf. #marthastewart
February Project
Memory Box

January Project

Christmas Project

 Mason Jar Lace Candles
I love this minus the pink add ivory lace with more pearls and different flower!
Sea Glass Bottles
DIY Sea glass bottles with mod food coloring
 Small Tiled Mirror

Bathroom DIY – Make Your Own Gorgeous Tile Mirror
Tissue Paper Pom Poms
How to make huge pom pons with tissue paper!
 Design with yarn
yarn pumpkins
Felt Roses
Felt Flowers Final Product
Come be part of the fun and the projects.

Please go to the "WE" Get Together Saturday page for more information.


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